A short reminder of the fact that indeed I am still around

I have been neglecting my blog in recent times. My social life had reached an almost all-time low after finishing my dissertation. I have moved back with my parents in the Hague. My old room had become a storage facility, but the cooking at home had become even better. It’s not too bad you know. I often have the whole house to my self when the ‘cats are away’ (mainly in England) But now that I have a relatively steady albeit rather boring job, I also have a routine and some money to spend in my spare time. obviously I think of turning my house into a home for which the incoming money will be very usefull. My friends still live where they do (mainly in Utrecht) and some have returned from forrays abroad. A warm welcome back to them! I know it’s only January, but it feels like spring is just around the corner and that I am waking up from a hibernation.

I feel good about myself, this year is going to be a good one.


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