reteP naP

Times have changed. They must have done, because it is Friday evening approximately ten minutes to nine and all I can think of is curling up in bed with Leo Tolstoy’s immortal novel Anna Karenina. I was never one to paint the town red, and I have always enjoyed classic literature. So the difference lies herein: As a student I would have made the racey double entendre that on a Friday I would be sharing my sheets with an easy Russian housewife. I tell it like it is nowadays. I can finally admit to the fact that sometimes I am boring. Now that I have to work hard to earn an income, the time to relax is in the weekend instead of every morning. When I was a student I did not have a week, I had seven consecutive days that changed only with the opening times of the library and the closing times of the bars. (I just corrected my own typing error. It initially said bras…)

Tomorrow morning I am going to have a long lie in. and then do something useful still to be decided on, followed by a return journey to Utrecht to visit my friends. A pattern of life is slowly emerging and I enjoy the regularity of it. Even though I thorouohghoullilly (how to spell it?) enjoyed my time as a student I feel that the irregularity of being a student did not suit my chaotic state of mind.

I have decided to be a reverse Peter Pan and to try to be more mature. That means to not ignore the dentist, to pay bills when they come through the post and to keep up appearances. This does not mean that fun stuff is out of the question, nor that I was a hermit-bum with bad breath. Just that I feel that I have to start taking life a bit more seriously.


5 gedachtes over “reteP naP

  1. God, that sounds boring and what’s worse, so totally not like.If it effects even you this much, I will never ever grow up, and stay in my 13-year-old state of mind for ever! Brrr, the boredom of the working world!

  2. thoroughly, pieter, foei! πŸ˜€ik vind het wel komisch om het contrast tussen jouw post en die van ditte van vandaag te zien. ben je trouwens nog steeds aan het data-entry-en? ik weet nog niet waar ik sta in de kwestie studentenleven vs. het werkende leven. ik ben wel zo’n beetje klaar met het geluiwammes van studeren (en dan te bedenken dat ik mijn scriptie nog moet schrijven), maar werken is tot nu toe nooit erg inspirerend geweest. ik hoop dat ik na mijn afstuderen het genoegen van een leuke baan op niveau mag smaken, dan komt alles goed πŸ˜‰ wil je trouwens nog steeds promoveren?

  3. Het is me steeds duidelijker aan het worden dat wetenschappelijk onderzoek op een hoog niveau niet voor mij is weggelegd. Dat weerhoud me er trouwens niet van om te dromen van een carriere in de ‘historische sector’. Wie weet wordt ik een zogehete laatbloeier.

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