Music to my ears

CD’s are a thing of the past. In today’s days of 2.0 and all things digital I have spent today uploading music to my brand spanking new iPod. I love it. The sound is amazing and the storage space is immense. I could hide a body in this thing and be unable to find it… íf it was a music file and I gave it an obscure directory! Paradoxically, the music I have been putting on to it is the opposite of modern. Most of the songs were first released on vynal or tape. I am in no mood to modernise my taste in music though. It’s good old guitars, drums and the occasional piano or saxophone for me.

iTunes, the programm… Idon’t need to explain about iTunes do I? Well The feature that shows the album covers like a jukebox has been put in the interface for my iPod as well which means that I can flick through my songs as though I was choosing from a pile of CD’s. The difference ofcourse is that there is never the dissapointment of finding a wholly different disc then I was expecting, or (even worse!) no disc at all :o! And! in the process converting this vast musical collection I had the pleasure of finding, and listening to, some songs I hadn’t heard for a while. Like To Be With You by Mr. Big or Go Like Elijah by Chi Coltrane.

Eventually I would like to be able to dispense with CD’s alltogether and use my little laptop as a stereo. This involves connecting a decent set of speakers, which would allow me to watch DVD’s and online TV as well. My computer will have become a true interactive hub-o-fun. Something to look forward to I suppose.

Oh and if anyone has any music they know I like they can always send it to me!


3 gedachtes over “Music to my ears

  1. Je kunt ook van je ipod een stereo maken, je kunt echt hele goede speakers kopen, heeft de vader van een vriendin van mij ook, perfecte geluidskwaliteit, compleet met afstandsbediening!

  2. I know about de iPod speakers, and I wanted them first. However my resoning is that with the speakers connected to the laptop I can listen to ALL my music in stead of what is JUST on my iPod. And I would be able to watch DVD’s on them as well 🙂 Oh happy Days! (That reminds me! Antone have the Edwin Hawkin singers in their files somewhere?)

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