Moving, I life changing experience.

It is no overstatement to say that my life has been drastically altered since monday. The notary’s office was a small museum dedicated to Tin Tin. framed prints of the comic’s covers, little statuettes of all the characters that feature in it and also of some well known elements such as that red and white blocked space rocket and oldtimer cars. I singned papers together with the former owners and my own parents, after which I thought there was going to be a very ceremoniuos handing over of the keys. In stead we almost forgot about the ‘whole key thing’ altogether. The man who’s house it used to be just said: “Oh, the keys…” and sort of pushed them towards me along the table as I was hoisting myself into my coat.

That same day the man who I had arranged to plaster away the grime and moisture damage in my bedroom came to survey the problem. He was quickly gone and it was time to go out for a nice meal and celebrate!

The handyman returned the next day and he started the work that he finished today. He had told me tuesday that I needed to take a scraper to the wall along the staircase and take off the top layer of stucco, because he thought it needed taking care of. I did so with all my confidence. Thinking It would be a little relaxing job I set about scratching off what felt like wallpaper but in fact was a kind of plaster. With hardly any effort and only a few short hours later I had stripped the wall to the bare bricks!

My newly bought house was giving up it’s secrets. It was telling me stories about disrepair, maltreatment and plain abuse. Four layers I peeled off. But I kept going undeterred. I had seen too many episodes of Homes Under The Hammer not to know that that all the damage I was doing was cosmetic, superficial.

Today the plasterer started where I had finished covering the bricks with a white coating of traffic paint. The stuff they draw on roads with. tomorrow he comes back to even it out with plaster and if he can’t finish he comes back again on monday.

Saturday Thomas and Carmen who are over in Holland for a short stay are kind enough to help me move what few possessions I have and I can start to feel settled.

Everyone is naturally welcome to come and visit.


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