White High Easter

When Easter is this early I suppose It is not strange that it snowed. But it doesn’t feel like spring like it should. I’m in England now enjoyng a break from all the house-work that has kept me busy for the past few weeks. It has been an oasis of calm and I have done very little except reading. In just over two days I finished Black Swan Green by David Mitchell. It’s not a book about swans but a book about a thirteen year old boy who stammers and stutters his way through school in a small village in rural Worcestershire. It’s funny, sweet, touching and exactly like being thirteen. Mr. Mitchell got it spot on. I loved it. I think what made it so good was that it was set in 1982 and many events in the book are referenced by the music that is being played and the slang words that were used at the time. So you would get passages that went something like: ‘After mum had thrown a total eppy over me being late for dinner I was in my room and I could hear my sister playing the Human League dead loud. Human League are epic! I suggest everybody read the book and if you already have, go and read Cloud Atlas by the same author. A Totally different book, but even better, I think.

Speaking of books, I am becoming more and more aware that books are a hobby of mine. Not just reading but finding out about authors, printing, publishers etc. And if I am lucky I might land a little job at the university library next wednesday. That would be fun. Of course books have interested me for quite a few years now and I always have something to read, but in recent times it has kept me busy alot. Or at least I am becoming more opinionated about books, without wanting to label my self as ‘literary’. I am not an expert and my opinion is to be taken with some caution. Most of the time I only read books that my mother tells me to anyway!

Sometimes I think reading fiction is a waste of time, because once you finish a book you have not specifically learned anything. I mean someone made up a story, you read it and then you display it on a shelf for decoration. You can’t feel that you may or may not have increased your vocabulary. Or, who cares that you could imagine 19th century Russian high-society being like As The World Turns after reading Anna Karenina. Nobody knows how to correctly pronounce that name anyway!

But reading is fun and in other circles it is considered more highbrow than watching TV. Reading makes you look intelligent and knowing about books makes you even more so. To much bookishness though is just annoying and when I am talking about books with friends I can only keep it up for a few minutes because it makes me cringe. I’ll stop now, my toes are starting to curl up.


2 gedachtes over “White High Easter

  1. I liked Jason’s <>Fab<> a lot 🙂 And it’s a great book indeed, but I’m not convinced by Cloud Atlas, yet. It just doesn’t appeal to me that much. But maybe I should give it a try…And reading fiction is not a waste of time; though it might not give you the facts, it teaches you about life and about who you are as a person. But that is my opinion (Madame Bovary taught me, for example, that my high expectations of love (and) life will eventually lead me to commit suicide (a)).And reading is definitely more highbrow than watching TV. Even if you’re reading Harry Potter or Marian Keyes, and someone else is watching Pauw and Witteman, or a documentary about poor children in Africa. Although, speaking of Africa, <>Van Dis in Africa<> is highbrow, too, of course. But that’s because it’s presented by a writer. This comment is almost longer than your post.

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