New Job

First of all a warm hello is in order to all my secret readers. Second I am proud to announce that I have a job as ‘information specialist’ at the university library. I got the nod yesterday afternoon. Needless to say I was very happy. Not only because I feel that this job suits me down to the ground but also because now I can say that information is my specialty. As if to say that while I’m at work you could ask me anything and I would know the answer or at least how to get it.

It’s good that I got this job now because sadly my shower is leaking into the sittingroom. I had a plumber come yesterday and his advice was to retile the area around the shower basin. The tiles are loose and the water was dripping though tiny cracks in the mortar (Is mortar the right word for the stuff in between the tiles?) I can pay for that now.

In a few hours time I’m off to Gorssel to kick start the cricket season. These team building weekends are a lot of fun and I can’t wait. A night out in Deventer is on the cards for saturday. I’m taking my camera….


2 gedachtes over “New Job

  1. OMG je hebt de baan! Ik dacht dat het officiële gesprek pas 21 mei was, ahum 🙂 Maar gefeliciteerd, superleuk! Vanaf nu zullen we je Pieter ‘Information’ Reeve noemen 😀

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