Hendingley Test

It was slightly past six o’clock in the morning when we drove to leeds te watch the first day of the second test. The forcast was for heavy showers, but we only got a little persipitation, not enough to stop play. Lucky us. The tickets dad had bought were for the notoriously boisterous western terraces.

Now, I have been to watch test cricket before, but not in Leeds. At Lord’s it was calm enough. In Nottingham it was traditional and at Leeds it was not like those at all. In New Zealand when I saw England play New Zealand my parents were not there and I sat with the ‘Barmy Army’, England’s touring supporters who are known to make any event eventfull. Then there was singing, chanting and above all – drinking. But it was all good natured fun, harmless banter if anything. So I had high hopes of a good day with the fans again. Although I did not know how my parents were going to react.

Yesterday had all those things and a bit more. There were cross-dressing superhero’s, stag do’s fancy dress and plain-and-simple lunatics. We sat there (Mum, Dad, uncle Carl and people we hadn’t met before: cousins of Hugh’s) in between this rabble and we had a blast. The conversation level between the group of friends behind us, all wearing hawaii-shirts was low. but very comical indeed. \they were ripping into each other for getting to involved with the local ‘talent’ on a night out.Then the pie ‘n’ lager brigade dicided to take off there shirts and start a mexican wave. We joined in the waving and laughed loudly at all this baseness.

The contest between the stewads, crowd control, together with the police and the people building snakes out of towers of pint glasses was a lot more entertaining than the cricket. I havn’t really mentioned the cricket yet because England did very poorly. The less said the better, really.

The alcohol content was beeing raised by the hour and the west stand began to turn a bit nasty i couldn’t tell for the rest of us, but I myself at least was getting a bit uncomfortable. For the first time in a long time cricket wasn’t the posh and pompous game I take it to be! It was a great experience and it took the edge off the under-performing england team, So I would consider it again I suppose. Shame it was so far away. We got back a eleven tired and sore. A good day.


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