From my office I can hear music and happy chatter. The Utrecht University freshers week begins tonight and everyone is getting ready. The street which the library is on has been cordoned off by the UVSV ‘sorority’ as they attempt to attract new members. The Janskerkhof square has been taken over by the USC boysclub with stalls and colourful banners. It promises to be a hectic week for many and I am confused if I miss being a student or not. I would love to be able to be a part of all this, but without a student pass it looks like the sidelines for me this year. Strange though, because I am sure that the Ledig Erf will have its fair share of activities to host. So, there will be a huge party just outside my door step to which I am not invited.

But then again, I don’t really feel like heading back into the fray of drunken students who will be four or five years my junior and who do not share my point of view on many things. Everyone just looks slightly younger than me if only by a year I can still notice it. Have I grown up? Surely not!


2 gedachtes over “Fresh!

  1. <>who will be four or five years my junior<>Pieter, serieus, je bent 26 – een eerstejaars is toch nog maar 18?? :p Katie en Anna waren zelfs nog maar 17! En ging jij vorige jaren wel naar dingen van de UIT? Ik hield mij daar altijd verre van, afgezien van mijn eigen eerste jaar toen ik mij vol enthousiasme in de Unitas schuimparty stortte..Och, och, wat een tijden waren dat πŸ˜‰

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