The Olympics

‘Koka!!!, WAZA-ARI!…. IPPOOON!!!!!!!’

As if I knew exactly what I was yelling, I punched the air in excitement. Ruben Houkes the Duch judoka and my best friend for the day claimed a bronze on the first day of the Olympics by holding down his opponent for 25 seconds.

The next day I was an expert swimming analyst: ‘If only Inge (Dekker) had swom a ’53’ like she normally does it would have been a world record as well.’ I wanted to marry all four of the 4×100 m relay team. Our first gold medal!

The rowing equipe dissapointed to be brutally honest especially as I actually know them. I mean Ernestine knows them, well sees them train every week…sometimes. Talking about rowing I was surprised to see a Louisa Reeve in the coxless pairs heats qualify for the semi finals for Britain. Is she related to a certain WTN Reeve who won a gold in the Empire Games sometime in the 1930’s as a cox? A bit of sports trivia for you there.

But even better than cheering for my friends is watching sports I don’t normally get to see much of. Like kayaking or weightlifting. ‘What the hey’, I’ll even have a look at the sailing, shooting and greco-roman wrestling if it’s on! The sports I dislike the most during the Games are Tennis and Football. We have the grand-slams and the world/european cup for that! The Olympics, I’m sorry to say, are not the stage for Roger federer or Rafa Nadal. They get enough attention as it is.

And what about Micheal Phelps! he is absolutely amazing! He made Inge de Bruin cry during the sensational relay final and I was amazed too at his phenomenal world record this morning. I really hope he gets all eight gold medals. What a great man. And I’m not biased because of the pose he pulled poolside, eventhough I was impressed by it.

EDIT Also, I feel Micheal Phelps should be a country. He would finish in the top ten in the medal table 😀 fantastic.

Phelps- scary!

On a lighter note: How funny was LeBron James when asked what made him feel like he was in China? His reply was classic: ‘What makes me feel like I’m in China? (he seemed almost surprised at the question, the answer was so obvious) ‘When I got off the plane it said: “welcome to China!”‘

I can’t wait for more. These games so far have been brilliant I don’t want them to end!


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