The air is cold outside, but my gas heater is keeping my little house snug and toasty. This weekend is turning out to be a great one. Thursday afternoon it all got underway when my friend Bianca had the honour of recieving her MA. degree. It was a joke of a ceremony with microphones switched off and on and off again, supervisors who could not be there and badly written speeches. To top it off the degrees were dished out in rediculous plastic bags and an ill fitting cardboard tube. These ceremonies do a disservice to hard working students who are under pressure to keep to a strict deadline.

Afterwards it was off to the café for drinks with Bianca her family and Ditte was also there. Now, Bianca is typically Dutch in that she is direct. To the point. And so is her family. I like that. It was a very good afternoon. 
That night Katie came for dinner and to watch the Spanish movie Te doy mis Ojos (Take my eyes) She brought chocolate and biscuits (yum!) The movie was about domestic violence… Oh well, we got the jist. 
Then friday I woke up with cricket on the radio. England are playing India in Chennai, India and that is a good thing because it brings the country together after the attrocities in Mumbai. I love listening to cricket in the morning. I lie in bed and snooze to the comments of former cricketers who sound as if they are eachothers best friends. And that they have all gone to either Cambridge of Oxford. I say this because I heard this: The paramilitaries ring who the ground in there blue uniforms and machine guns look rather menacing don’t they?
Yes they do. I’d say those uniforms go from a kind of Oxford blue to a Cambridge blue, what? haha!!
Today was spent preparing for Christmas! I am really looking forward to every single aspect of the holiday including the car drive to Norway 🙂 But before we all head for Scandinavia there is the small trifle of Sinterkerst. The day on which my friends and I celebrate, well….just celebrate! We have a dinner, there will be poetry and presents. I have promised to do the main course of the meal for those who are not vegetarians. To that end I practiced a roast chicken.
It was the first time I had ever done a roast. And it was done in an electrical oven, but it turned out a treat and the meal on the 19th will be a success! And I finished off my Christmas shopping. With a week to spare I have all my gifts ready! That is un heard of! truely unique.
See you in the New Year probably   

3 gedachtes over “Christmas

  1. super! klinkt heel gezellig. ik ben blij dat je nog iets geschreven hebt! alle deze blog posts dienen als lekker afleidingen van mijn saaie papers. Nog 6000woord voor de kerst. ik ga m’n eigen Nederlandstalige blog oprichten na de kerst maar ik moet eerst een naam bedenken. ideeën? oké fijne kerst en lekker genieten van Noorwegen! Ik ga morgen naar Vlaanderen en op dinsdag naar Canada! Oh ja wens je familie en Ernestine een gezellige kerst voor mij ook!

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