Christmas II

In Norway, the days in December only have a few hours of sunlight. from around nine in the morning until four-ish in the afternoon to be sort of precise. Evenings therefore are very long, afternoons are short and the subzero temperatures enhance the wintery ‘touch and feel’ of the holiday. Christmas has come and gone very quickly. Closed off from most of civilisation by snow and ice, connected to it by mobile phones and the internet, friends and family did what people do over Christmas – eat, drink and play silly games. It’s a routine, but because it only comes around once a year it is never the same and always fun. It may not even be what people do but our family certainly do it well.

What’s good about this Norse version of Christmas á la Reeve is that we get to go cross country skiing in between meals. I have been to Norway close to 15 times for a skiing holiday and still don’t think I know exactly what I’m doing. However seeing others struggle during oviously taxing times manouvering through dense trees and slippery snow moving upwards all the time I realise that it goes fairly easily for me. Tomorrow I will practice my telemark turns. Being able to do telemark turns is the pinnacle of skill in my opinion and after 15 years of ‘having a go’ It’s about time I sorted it out properly.

When I go to bed in a minute it will be to one without a pillow or a blanket. Just a frame and a matrass, Let’s hope that situation will be different when we come back next time. Which hopefully won’t be too long from now. Being able to spend two weeks here in stead of one gives me and the rest of us here the oportunity to take things slowly. And this environment with it’s huge lake and many small mountains is best enjoyed slowly. You can’t rush in the wilderness.


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