Random things to think about.

I Love Kate Winslet. Or, I love Kate when she wins awards. Remember when she won a Golden Globe and tried to apologize to all the other nominees in her category, but forgot Angelina Jolie? “Oh God! Who’s the other one??” And then yesterday when she got her father to whistle from the crowd at the Oscars? I love that. It was like they were lost in the supermarket and that was their way of finding each other by the frozen food section. If I ever win an award, and I have to make a speach, and my father is in the audience I will make him shout Jooh-Hooo!! So that I know where he is. If it works on a mountain, it works at the oscars. Quite unlike snow really.

Talking of snow and other percipitation: It feels like it has been raining for weeks. Not hard unrelenting rain, but spitting, damp, cold winter rain. The worst kind. It’s the harsh end of the frosty season. Just before the spring there is one more stretch of aweful weather. I’m sick of it. It’s dark and horrible. I wan’t to be able to go outside without gloves and I don’t want to have lights on in the house. I want sunlight to pour into my house.

In other news, my job status changed from temporary to permanent. In may I will have worked at the libary for a year and my bosses have found my trial period satisfactory and have offered me the job for real. It feels like a pat on the back and a firm handshake. They like me and I’m doing good work. Nice.

This was all a bit random, but it keeps whoever reads this page informed about me.


3 gedachtes over “Random things to think about.

  1. aaay piet! is there no ‘librarian of the year award’ coming up?! you could win in the ‘revelation’ category!! regarding the rain: it is 19 degrees (scorchio!) today in madrid and we had a weekend on the beach in Galicia..but dont be jealous, salaries are higher in holland!un saludo, t.

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