A different take

You’re joking? They have a website? That’s right, our wedding has a website and you’re looking at it. That makes you just as much a part of this phenomenon as everyone else so suck it up and say congratulations. We’re getting married you heartless bastard!

The thing is, I’m going to share this stuff online anyway and by putting it here in a tucked away corner of the interweb it won’t interfere with your friends’ baby pictures or “My-god-I-waz-so-drunk-yesterday-and-now the-neighbours-decide-was-a-good-time-to-vacume-the-whole-house-with-an-industrial-strength-hoover.. ugh”-posts and stupid ads on facebook.

This way you can decide if you want to keep updated all by yourself.

And I urge you to do so, because this is going to be the greatest, funniest, most compelling series of blogposts about a single wedding ever to grace this niche of connected culture.  And that is because of two things.

1. We are an amazing couple so everything we do is awesomesauce.
2. The wedding website as a genre is a world of lovey-dovey, manically smiling model-people in enough soft light and soft colours to make any bride and groom who have no idea about what they are getting themselves into to question their life together. That needs a different perspective and I’m going to give it.

These mostly American, women-‘friendly’ websites disregard the male perspective completely and focus mainly on the details like place settings and ribbon strength and they are hilarious. My lovely girlfriend has already been advised to hire any number of party planners, loose weight and regulate her menstual cycle. I kid you not.

I on the other hand, as a man, am being accused of not caring at all about my own wedding. And this is something I intend to put right.

Now, I’ve never actually planned my own wedding before and let’s hope I won’t have to again. So in order to do it right I’m going to be speaking to literally thousands of people about this and meeting with most of them too, I imagine. And if they are anything like the crazies from the internet then this is going to be a funny couple of months. Stay tuned.


3 gedachtes over “A different take

  1. Vera zegt:

    I’m loving this already. Seriously, regulate her menstrual cycle? Why would anyone… oh. Shit, another thing to worry about!

    How about this for lovey-dovey, pastel-toned madness: http://www.velvetine.nl/photography/? I think this website actually inspired my first episode of wedding panic 😉

    Also, I may or may not have just ordered my dress. Eeeee!

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