An old example of how not to be married

So far the most likely date for the wedding is august 24th.

Now here’s an interesting story:
Wiiliam of Orange married Anne of Saxony that day in 1561. Anne was a total babe and was coveted by all the single royals of that era. They were married in the East German city of Leipzig and her dowery is said to have been a monumental 100.000 Thalers.

 Anne of Saxony Wiiliam of Orange
Their marriage however was not a happy one I’m sad to say, but It’s hard to tell why they didn’t get along. I think it may have to do with the fact that he wasn’t home most of the time on account of the fact that he was fighting a losing battle against mainly Spanish forces in his adopted home country, The Netherlands.

On the positive side, If these two ‘lovebirds’ hadn’t accepted each other as husband and wife We would be having this wedding in Spanish! Si, señor.

I fear Anne was a bit of a sourpuss. Willem calls her ‘twistziek’ (quarrelsome), ‘krakeelzuchtig’ (row-thirsty). I’m picking sides here, in favour of the founding father of this country.

She tries to file for divorce, but getting divorced in those days meant hand writing a letter to the Pope to request something as likely as a review of his stance on sodomy.

Painted by the son of an adulterer

Willem gets to have one final Christmas with the family in 1570. She is fuming by this stage, but by coming to see the family he manages to diffuse the situation and they have a relatively nice time. And he get’s her pregnant with their fourth child.

However they do break up fairly soon after that. The only way you could break the bonds of wedlock was to admit to being unfaithful which she does after they torture the ‘culprit’ who is non other than her lawyer Jan Rubens, father of the way more famous Pieter Paul Rubens (he of the fat lady paintings.) The child is born after the divorce and Willem disowns her. Mother and daughter move back to Saxony from where they fight on to keep the privileges to which they feel entitled. They try to prove that Willem was the unfaithful one pointing out his speedy engagement to his other wife.


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