Nelli Cooman

Yesterday we spent 5 minutes in a shop which sounds like Nelli Cooman, the dutch sprinter from the 90’s but isn’t. 5 minutes is all it took for us to ascertain that wedding dresses are indeed expensive. We knew this, but wanted to know for sure. It went like this.

-“Hello, how can I help? Are you browsing or are you looking for anything specific?” dress shopping
-“Well, both really…” We would like to see if we like your dresses, but first we need to know if they are within our budget.”
-“Ah, well what is your budget?”
-“Anything under 5oo euro…”

(When you bargain you start low, but we were not bargaining, this is the price we had in mind. And this wasn’t a Nairobi market stall, no haggling in this shop.)

-“Hmm, good thing you asked because then we are indeed above your budget. Long dresses average around 1500 to 2000. Short dresses start at 500.” You can take a look at the rejects, they are a little cheaper, but I don’t think we have what you are looking for.”
-“Thank you.”

She didn’t say rejects, but that’s what she meant. We browsed, there was nothing in the rejects rack and we left.


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