You’re not invited: A phone call

Mashable, a marketing and popular culture website I read now and then keeps coming up with great wedding content. They posted this article about ‘not-invitations’ apparently being a thing. If that is indeed the case this is how I see that going down badly.

-“Yeah hi, this is Pieter How are you? We haven’t seen each other for ages! …
-“What? Who is this? Oh Pieter… Hi, how are you? Still working at the archives?”
-“At the library. Yep, still there.”
-“Oh, I thought it was the archive, whatever, both boring. Listen, I’m a bit busy at the moment.”
-“No I see, no problem. I just had one tiny thing I wanted to tell you…
-“I’m getting married.”
-“Married? Wow, great news! I wouldn’t mind coming. When is it?”
-“August 24th…uh”
-“hmm the 24th? No, I don’t have anything planned then, that should be fine. What fun! I’ve never been to a wedding before.”
-“Yeah, about that… We didn’t want anybody feeling that they had been neglected, so we decided to ring everyone who wasn’t invited as well as those that were..”
-“But I’m invited right?”
-“Well, uhm, no.”
-“Wait, what??”
-“Yeah, it’s tough making a guest list, you know, we both have large families and not many of the same friends and, look I’m sorry.”
-“Sure, whatever, I understand. I hope It rains!”


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