Wedding perception

I was having a conversation with a dad of a friend from the Hague. Broad accent included on his part. If you’re wondering how that might sound in English look at a clip of Martin Jol or Raymond van Barneveld doing a post match interview. Anyway the conversation was about wedding locations. This man told me that when he was our age everyone in the Hague had their wedding party/reception at some place along the Delftselaan: “Cooijmans” or something.

Of course, I know for a fact that this isn’t true because my own parents famously had their reception at the Gouden Hooft. Now, I’ve heard that it’s not as classy as I thought it was after twenty years of stories making it out to be the glitziest place for a wedding reception in the northern hemisphere.

I had only been there once before as an impressionable teenager star struck by the Golden Earring performing. It is only now that I realize that the Golden Earring playing at the Golden Head is funny.

And I wonder if I went in to the same place tomorrow and ordered a coffee and an open sandwich for example, would it be any fancier than anything Utrecht has to offer? De winkel van Sinkel for instance? Probably not.

If my niece who is three now does remember my wedding it will probably be blown way out of all proportion. The hostel will feel like a huge caslte filled with thousands of people. And even if she doesn’t remember, then our family will tell her over and over that the Queens of England and the Netherlands were present together with Gandhi and Napoleon. How else would we have a piece of Indian loin cloth in the attic next to a ring worn by Bonnie Prince Charlie at the battle of Colluden?


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