Bridal magazines

It’s been a while sinds I posted something and I am probably the one who feels most sorry for this or who feels anything about it at all.

Well I’m back and new shit has come to light, man! To quote the Big Lebowski. Anne got given bridal magazines and they are hilarious. They look like magazines, but beware! Infact they are catalogues, filled to bursting with ads for everything from hats to shoes and everyth2013-03-01 14.14.07ing in between. There is hardly any text in these magazines, just images. And even the text is about how to shop or about how to enter and WIN WIN WIN YOUR PERFECT DRESS!

What is also curious is that Anne has two magazines for brides with different titles, but the content is mostly exactly the same. They probably have the same editor. I haven’t checked. And for the two magazines for grooms the story is no different. It’s only slightly more masculine. (more emphasis on cars and camera’s for example.)

And then there are the models who wear the gowns in the photographs. They look so serious! If Anne flashed me a look like the magazine-brides are doing I would be worried in an instant, if not a little frightened.

They stand there looking through the camera, arms akimbo like something is very wrong and it’s my, not my fault, one of my friends fault, but because it’s my friend I am somehow to blame, but I can’t do anything about it. And I’ve been to weddings before, but I can’t remember any brides ever giving it the double teapot.

I think it’s safe to say that how these magazines depict weddings is not a fair representation of what our wedding will look like or how any wedding should look like for that matter. I hope you are all well and are looking forward to the summer.


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