Love and Marriage fair

Yesterday I could have gone to the Love and Marriage fair in town. A cornucopia of Wedding stuff. Judging from the website it’s a live version of the magazines I wrote about last time. You know by now that I would never actually GO there, I’ll keep to researching this thing online thank you, but only a little.

I didn’t go because this kind of place could never reflect me or Anne and because we had only just come back from Norway. And because our wedding will hopefully reflect us as people not as consumers it would be a waste of time to attend.

For one I think it’s strange that its called the Love and Marriage fair. It’s a wedding fair and there is a big difference there. Anyone going there for marriage advice, expertise from married people, marriage counselors, divorce lawyers et cetera will be sorely disappointed. It’s Businesses trying to get impressionable people to overspend on clothes, cars and cakes.

I may be a bit cynical about this and not open minded at all. The reason for this: These fairs produce impersonal weddings, cut and pasted fake weddings. Formulated weddings for people who don’t have an opinion of their own. Again I don’t know this because I don’t know if I’ve been to a wedding where the couple have been to a fair and I myself have never been to a fair so these are all just assumptions, my ideas.

It all just looks desperate and fake. that’s all.


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