The rings

Off we went to Rotterdam. It was bitterly cold, blustery wind cutting though our winter coats as we waited for the tram to come and take us to the old water filtering station at the edge of town. We came in though big wooden doors. It was warm and light and spacious there was coffee and within minutes we were walking around the place looking at crazy jewelry and all kinds of machinery. There were tools in all shapes and sizes metal shavings on the floor and rings everywhere.

Then we settled down and got down to business. Out came the rings in all sorts of colors and sizes, beautifully crafted things. And all of a sudden we needed to make decisions. Now, to all intents and purposes a ring is a ring. A round thing with a hole in the middle. But don’t be fooled! There are all kinds of details to think of and we needed to decide what we would like to have on our fingers FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES. This is the closest thing I am going to get to choosing a tattoo, but a lot more fun.

Turns out Anne and I like exactly the opposite when it comes to wedding rings. I want a “yellow” gold, rounded ring and Anne wanted a flat “white” gold one, but we did want the rings to be similar to each other, to look at them and be able to say “These rings belong together.”

Big problem? Maybe for other couples. Like I said months ago: We are awesome sauce. We looked at each other and said: “Fine, The designs are more or less alike and we can think of a way to make them fit even better. A little detail somewhere that no one will notice except us.

Happy with the process we relaxed and enjoyed the company of family and fresh coffee for a little longer and then went home though torrid weather conditions which hadn’t relented.

The result of our visit is a computer animation, an artists impression of what our rings may look like. Nice? I think so.
ringen anne pieter Set 3

It’s also worth having a look at Margreeth’s website. The Impossible rings are especially fun. Who makes a pig shaped weather vane ring? I love it.


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