Getting our wedding license

Another thing I did for the first time not too long ago was getting a wedding license. If only getting your drivers license or a tv license or any other license was as easy as getting your wedding license. 15 Minutes, maybe 20 and a bit more than 12 euro was all it took.

Anne and I donned our finest outfits and we were ready to make things official. I went in expecting a little speech, or a nice certificate, maybe balloons? I don’t know, something to mark the occasion, be there was nothing.

We took a number and were called to a desk not long afterwards. It was monday morning and not very busy. A lady in jeans copied our passport, had us sign a piece of A4 paper on which we declared our names, stuck it in an envelope and handed it over.

Done, off you go, see you never.

Lucky for us It was Anne’s birthday and we had taken the day off so we had a nice lunch and did our own celebrating.


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