So, I think we’ve decided on hiring a DJ, not which one yet although we’re probably close on that too.

This is how it went with the bands/musicians we tried:
Paul Simon, keen as he was he couldn’t be sure. We told him Bob Dylan wouldn’t come if he couldn’t make it, but that didn’t change his mind.
Having heard the good news of our pending matrimony Gordon rang asking for a gig. We respectfully declined. We emailed Eric Clapton’s booking agent to see if we could invite him to play a little slow hand blues, but they responded  curtly that Eric would not even consider it if a certain relative of mine would not return a guitar string he had lost to her decades ago.

We needed to keep it closer to home. And a review of the budget meant we couldn’t look any further at best selling recording artists, even if they were over 50. We don’t really know anyone who is in a band but we do know a DJ who is willing to press play for a couple of hours. Great. Any requests?



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