What I learned yesterday – A new angle.

The wedding stuff is drying up. I think about writing a post now and then, but the initial excitement has worn off and to be honest, not that much is going on. But I do still want to write, because I enjoy it. I like sharing stories. So I’m going to change the angle a little. For my own benefit and that of the reader. (Anything for more page views and comments!)

The idea is simple. Everyone learns something every day. So I am going to write about what I learn, in the broadest sense. It could be a little factoid, it could be a bit of news, it could be a skill, anything I find out about, get taught, or teach myself. And then I go to bed and the next day I post it. The going to bed part is important. That way I will have had time to reflect on it and judge it. Just like you should never write an angry email straight away, you should also take time before posting a blog entry. But not that long. What was that Last Post from three weeks ago? I didn’t see you under all those posts I didn’t write.

A few months ago I saw the following video here.

I think Joris has a good idea, but I don’t want to write about a single subject (getting married for example) because I will get bored. I always get bored. I will however go slow on many subjects and link them together as they come along. That way, when I do find something about weddings (for example) I can tag it “wedding” and get all the related posts for that subject. And you can decide to read what you want. But it means you don’t have to wait weeks for a blog post and be entertained with other things until “your” subject comes up again. And I can keep writing and sharing knowledge to anyone who is interested in anything. You can then reflect on my posts and I can reflect on your reflections.

And then there is that other thing: If everyone learns something every day and shares that the next day then you can pick the people you think are the most interesting and learn from them. So if you think this is a good idea, why not give it a try yourself? Maybe we can beat the beast of Facebook procrastination together and become smarter along the way.

I hope you don’t mind me doing this. And now I have to go and find something insightful to learn of course.

Ah, and if you are new here and you are wondering what all this wedding talk is, start here.


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