Police Academy

I learned all about the Dutch national police academy yesterday. Two librarian colleagues from the academy wanted to know about our Personal Library service and see if they would want something similar for themselves. Because I know all about that I was asked to show them. They were impressed with what we are able to offer students and staff.

Of course we have the money to pay computer programmers and a special innovation team. We have the money to pay for all the books and journals, something the police academy just don’t have. Yet they need all the students and the graduates (because they become the detectives and officers) to have access to the information.  It seemed a little unfair.

So, What I wondered after speaking with these nice people is: How much money from the European Union goes into Europe’s universities? Because If “Europe” paid a large amount for universities across Europe it would potentially free up funds from national governments to financially support local services like the police academy. Or: How are services like the police academy actually funded? It seems a shame that they can’t offer their students what they need.

police academy stunt at "Movie World"


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