Programming, very very basic

What I learned yesterday was a little bit of JavaScript though a video tutorial by
I believe programming for computers is a skill well worth having and yet I keep starting and stopping to teach myself. Why I think it’s interesting is that I don’t want to end up completely dependent of computer companies and I feel these skills will serve me well in the future when other people do end up being dependent. It’s also a good way to be creative. There are many places where you can go on the web to learn how to code. My favorites are and the afore mentioned Lifehacker series on programming.
I did the first three lessons. It was fairly simple. Maybe because I already know a little html and CSS, but I don’t think that makes much difference. In the third lesson I had a little difficulty understanding why Arrays are called arrays, but I get what they do, so maybe later I’ll have a little lightbulb moment. The trouble with learning to code is that it gets quite frustrating quite fast. Especially if you don’t know what you are doing wrong and the mistake is only a misplaced character somewhere and you can’t find out where to look and fix the problem.

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