Digital Ancient Greece

I was asked by an academic friend of mine to take a look at how much material was available digitally for her field of study (ancient Greece), if there was significantly more available for other subjects and if it was likely to increase in the near future.
It was interesting to look at the resources we have available here in Utrecht and to see that there is quite a lot of digital material even for ancient Greece. things like the Ancient world online and the Aristoteles Latinus database  These are large collections of primary resources but the amount of digitally available resources is small compared to other (historical) subjects. 

Increase in digital material is dependent on who has money available for a project of that nature. On the whole more money is available at American Universities then there are in European universities, but that differs from subject to subject. As a lot of research about ancient Greece is done in German it is tempting to suggest that it isn’t likely for an increase to happen in that field. But I really don’t know enough about that to comment I would say.


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