teaching yourself

I feel vindicated for trying to write down what I learn every day after reading around on brainpickings.org yesterday. I highly reccommend you take a look at brainpickings for all kinds of gerenal wisdom.

What I found yesterday was a reading list for being your own teacher. But the idea is not to be an autodidact, because people don’t learn by themselves. The “auto” in autodidact is false. You need other people to learn. The point being made is that If you want to teach yourself to learn anything you don’t learn what you want to know by yourself. If you want to teach yourself you build your own lesson plans and curriculum.

This is all in an article about a book that I am definitely going to read soon called Don’t go back to School by Kio Stark as reviewed by Maria Popova the editor of brainpickings.

here is the link to the reading list of books that will help you educate yourself http://readlists.com/3b3994fe


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