Gettysburg and the civil war

Around two weeks ago I told you I was reading In the presence of mine enemies. It’s a good book on a topic I know little about. I’m half way through it. (It’s interesting, but it’s no page turner.) Slowly but surely I’m getting to know more about the confederacy and how the southern states wanted to keep slavery as it was. In their eyes beneficial to slave owners and slaves alike.

Stonewall Jackson

“Stonewall” Jackson

In the war they were outnumbered, but all they had to do was to defend and hold back so it took the federals much effort to defeat them eventually. Based on prior knowledge, this is how I’m guessing the stories ends anyway.  I’m learning about generals Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson and Edward E. Lee, but much less about the Federal generals and the federal army in general. I don’t know why yet.

What also happens when you spend time with a subject is you get references to it from other sources without looking for them. So I wasn’t surprised to find two articles in my RSS feed about the the Battle of Gettysburg. This is because an interactive map of the event has been produced in which you can retrace the course of the battle. This is the first article from the Atlantic and the second from

That just goes to show that knowledge breeds knowledge and that gaining knowledge is never a linear path.

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