Lessons in how to post on Facebook and Twitter

In a meeting with my social media team mates we had a guest speaker. Frank is a marketeer who works for the university and does what we do: update Facebook and twitter for work. The significant difference between Frank and us is that he is trained to update Facebook. He is also accomplished at updating Facebook, because he has transformed the conversation rate on the university Facebook page by a huge amount and has used the university twitter account to great effect.

Before yesterday I thought I was doing quite well, after yesterday I knew what I was doing wrong and I am confident that with a few tweaks we can make better use of Facebook and Twitter in the library.

The most important thing he spoke about was setting very specific goals. When he arrived at the university his first question was Who do we do this for? The answer was: prospective students.

So he set about doing research on what this group of people want to know about. And then he started posting that content even if it meant missing out on some customers and ‘upsetting’ some people who already followed the university. It worked. A lot more people started liking the posts being put up.

Having specific framework seems to be very important as well. Both of these points tell me that when thinking about what to post on social networking sites for a company you need to know your audience and stick to what you know.

When you post as a person you can do whatever you want, but when your not talking for your self but also for others you need to have a complicated plan, which is not easy at all.


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