Getting to know the neighbourhood one meal at a time

Yesterday I ate home made babi Ketjap and gado gado by Raymond who lives ten minutes away, not far from the library.
Anne was away and I don’t like cooking for myself so normally I just either don’t bother and buy a ready meal from the super market or make a pan of spagetti sauce which is way too big and end up stuffing myself and feeling horrible.

So I logged on to It translates as something like

It’s a service where people who cook too much put their meals up online for people like me to drop them a line and say: “that looks good, I’ll have that.” And then go over and pick it up for a couple of euro’s. If you’ve registered as a chef you can also list a few meals that you do and people can request them. So it’s basically people sharing what they are already cooking for whoever wants some.


It was the first time I used this site and I saw a button that said “Bordje over?” or “any left?” I pressed it and before I knew it I had sent a message to any registred cook in a 2 km radius saying that I wanted a plate of their food if they had any left. Very soon Raymond was in my inbox offering his indonesian food.

If you’ve ever had home cooked indonesian food by someone who knows what they are doing you’ll understand why I couldn’t wait to go and pick it up.

So there I was in Raymond’s kitchen shaking hands and chatting away about what a cool website thuisafgehaald is and how many people come for his food and all that. What a good way to meet people you would otherwise ignore. I’ll be honest, I was nervous. Was the food going to be ok, would he have change for my ten euro note? How does this work? But everything went so smoothly and the place just smelt amazing. I was so pleased with what was essentially a big gamble for my dinner.

I’ve written about snappcar not too long ago because I thought it was a good idea (people letting other people use their car for a bit because it would otherwise just be parked outside doing nothing) But I haven’t used that so I could not say if it works.

This, people sharing their food because they have too much of it, works.

And apparently I’d done something special. the “any left” button was new. It was something the website was trying out and I was one of the first people to use it. I got a phone call from someone who runs the site asking very nicely for some feedback. And because I already thought the website is a good idea I told them what I thought about this new button and what they could do to improve it a little. And so now, I’m going to be a little text box on the website with my experience of how it went. Exciting stuff.


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