I was spending time with my mother while she was doing the ironing yesterday and she told me that most of her clothes were cotton. But all I could see was a pile of linen clothes including what she was wearing. That got me thinking. I didn’t know what linen was made of. Then I thought maybe it’s made of cotton?

So I just looked it up. Where do you go for things like that? Wikipedia of course. I whipped out my phone and strangely the English wikipedia did not seem to have a page for linnen. The Dutch one did though and that’s where I found out that linnen is made from flax. It also details the process of preparing the flax for linnen production. Interesting? Not really, but at least then I knew what linen is.

Screen shot 2013-07-21 at 12.46.44

I didn’t believe that there was not a page about linnen in English so I tried again this morning on a laptop and that’s when the suggestion flashed up “Did you mean linen?” Of course I did. So I clicked the link and there it all was  The history, the etymology the uses and all kinds of interesting things. Like the fact that Jewish people are forbidden to wear clothes made from cloth which is a mixture of linen and wool. Who knew? Well I do now. And I improved my spelling skills.


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