Making honey

Obviously it’s the bees that make the honey, but yesterday I learned how to take honey out of a honeycomb and into a jar. In a sense I learned how to make honey.

Bees produce honey and store in in honeycombs which sit in the bee hive. The honeycombs are in a seperate place from where the bees normally spend most of there time. In order to vacate the ‘honeycomb area’ a partition in slid into place creating two rooms in the hive. The partition has a hole which the bees can enter but not exit.

Once all the bees are in one part of the hive it is easy to remove the honeycombs from the hive.

To extract the honey from the honeycombs they are placed in a giant centrifuge and spun around until the honey has gone to the edges of the barrel and has dripped to the bottom.

At the bottom of the barrel is a tap. Place a container under the tap and recieve honey. Divide the honey into jars.

Easy really.




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