Faulty basil?

I was away this weekend and came back late on Sunday. It had been hot and dry and I feared the basil plant in what is literally the back yard (it’s tiny) had wilted and died. After all it had been starved of water and cooked in the baking hot sun for three days like most of us.

But the reverse was true. When I went to give it some water it was dry for sure, the leaves were hanging limply by the stems, but there were also little white flowers all around the top of the plant. I did a double take. Was this the same plant? what was going on? On closer inspection it was indeed the  same plant, it had just grown up. I had no idea basil flowered, I would always use it all before it could.

It’s like it’s in puberty or something, sprouting like that. Now how do I encourage promiscuity which results in more basil plants appearing out of thin air (and soil and water)? Any Ideas?


2 gedachtes over “Faulty basil?

  1. Tegan zegt:

    My basil plant also flowered once. Here is my theory on why it flowers (it is based on why Jade plants flower). When a plant hasn’t been watered for a long time it, to anthropomorphise a plant, kicks it into survival mode. In order to prolong the species it must create flowers, thereby creating the possibility for offspring and the next generation of its kind. I based it on my jade plant in Ohio, which in university I named Harvey Keitel and he now is so tall my parents have problems bringing it inside for the winter. My mom was excited one year because it was flowering, and I looked up why jade plants flower. The answer was because of a lack of watering – which fit our case because my mom always forgets to water it.

    I could be wrong. Your mom would probably know: The Garden Queen.

  2. Pieter R zegt:

    You may be on to something here. Because Evelien (remember? the dutch girl we met in London?) posted an instagram photo of her Orchid which flowered after she got back from holiday which had also not been watered and she was also surprised. My brain is melting with all of this coincidence! http://instagram.com/p/cJVCXiQL1N/

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