Editing photo’s with Pixelmator and the curves tool

I like to do some photo editing every now and then. It’s what I do sometimes when I’m bored. Photoshop is expensive though so at home I have Pixelmator installed which is a cheaper version of the same thing for Mac. I then go to sites like psdtuts+Abduzeedo and Spoongraphics for some new ideas to try out.

One of the  easiest ways to change the appearance nicely of your photo’s is by using the curves tool. When I came across the following tutorial on psdtuts+ I was more than happy to take some time and learn about the curves adjustment tool

Of course this video is about Photoshop and not Pixelmator, but even though the curves tool in Pixelmator is a lot less complicated I still learned some things about how light effects photographs and what I can do to correct things.

For some examples of photo editing I’ve done click on the pixelmator tag


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