Collaborative consumption

Remember the babi ketjap I had not too long ago? Well apparently by doing so I had consumed it collaboratively. Or participated in Collaborative consumption. I read about that concept yesterday in a dissertation. A colleague of Anne’s wrote it and I had access to through the dissertation archive of Utrecht University.

All those things I find interesting at the moment (Airbnb, Snappcar, shareyourmeal) are examples of collaborative consumption. Up until yesterday I’d only known the concept as the sharing economy and that might still be right. Collaborative consumption at least does sound a little more scientific.

These are my random thoughts on what I read. If this was I class and the teacher asked me what the main points were this is the incoherent rambling I would come up with.

One of the important points this dissertation makes is about trust. Why and how do people trust others to lend each other their property?
They do it because they think people are inherently good and trustworthy and because assurances are made about the trustworthiness of the enterprise they are participating in. WIth Airbnb for example you can score each other on how well you behaved. If you are not happy with the place you stayed at it goes on that place’ profile and if you made a mess of somewhere it goes on your profile. Also the more customers a service has the more it gets used.

People who consume collaboratively also like the feeling of being part of a community and they are also used to buying things online.

This is also important:

“There are several limitations that need to be considered when interpreting the results of this research. The willingness to participate was directly measured. However, such a direct measure could provide biased results since people are not always able to really say what their willingness is in hypothetical situations. Furthermore, the sample consisted mostly
of females and students which makes it difficult to generalize the results to the average Dutch consumer.”
Those reservations aside it’s an interesting read for people like me who want to know more about the subject.
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