blues piano turnarounds

First of all, because this is my first post about playing piano, let me say that I like the blues best of all. It’s simple and maybe a little repetitive, but I don’t care. It’s my favorite and it always has been. So when I moved my old piano from the Hague to Utrecht a few years ago I went on Youtube and looked for some way to learn the blues on my piano. No need for teachers now I thought. I’ll just let the internet teach me.

But Youtube is filled to the brim with people playing music. Some do it well, others do it poorly and most do it somewhere in between. Also the quality of the video differs from clear to barely audible, so it takes a while to find something you can use as an example. But that’s what’s good about the blues: The structure is always the same so it’s possible to take something and tinker with it fairly easily.

It had been a while since I sat down and learned something, but when I found out somehow that a “turnaround” is what you call that bit of melody at the end of a blues and which sounds so familiar and cool I spent parts of this weekend fiddling about with them. A had a lot of fun as well. Something to slowly get better at. I have time on my side because old men playing blues piano have a lot more credibility then people my age.



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