7 minute dork-out

This weekend I learned how out of shape I am. I would rather not write this post, but there is nothing else to write about. It’s my own fault. Maybe there is a lesson in that too?

Anyway, like most people I know, my life is sedentary. I know I should move more, but I’m lazy. I’m healthy and don’t care about my weight, my appearance is ok, but I could stand to move more than I do at the moment and I’m just weak. I honestly think my arms are made of celery.

So when I came across the scientific seven minute workout in the magazine of the Times last week (I was in England, my parents have a subscription) I thought 7 minutes? I can do that. Based on science? It must be true then. But then didn’t start until this weekend.

The idea is that a high intensity circuit training is the most efficient workout around and that a set of 12 specific exercises in a particular order done for 30 seconds each with a 10 second break in between is the most efficient of all. The exercises are easy, but if like me you have not done anything like this for a while It’s also very hard work, but it’s also over with quite quickly. It’s something you can do any time (except maybe at work)

The excersizes are:
1. Jumping jacks to get the heart rate up quickly
2. A wall sit which is for the lower body
3. Push ups for your upper body
4. Sit ups for your core muscles
5. Stepping up onto a chair which the article below sites as being for your total body but I think it’s for a bit of a rest)
6. Squats for your lower body
7. Triceps dip on a chair (that one kills me)
8. Then into a plank position for the core which is also hard
9. Knee ups, easy.
10. Lunges are next for the lower body but I think rest again because the next one is
11 Push up rotation for your upper body and finally the grueling
12.Side plank to finish on the core.

So far I’ve done it four times and I’m shocked at how hard I’m finding it all. It also must look ridiculous to a passerby which is why I do it with the curtains firmly closed. Not that I’m ashamed, otherwise it would not be on here, but especially the jumping jacks probably look crazy.

here is the article from the American College of Sports Medicine doing all the scientific claims. It has had quite a lot of media attention already and many people have gone on YouTube videoing themselves doing it. There are apps galore for the mobile fitness junkie. I’ve tried one example of both to help me time the routine and to show me which exercise is next. The choice for the video I used shows you that you don’t have to be serious to take something seriously. The app was a little more basic.



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