The rings, and what they do to people.

Thursday was an exciting day. We went to pick up our wedding rings. They are beautiful and I can’t wait to wear mine. They are now both in safe keeping so I don’t loose them before the big day. What I learned from our ring selection process was what our wedding does to others close to us, not to ourselves.

apparently the buying of rings is a very big deal for everyone involved. I misjudged this I think. As soon as you get to speaking about the rings the excitement level goes up a few notches. People feel touched that you even let them discuss the rings with you. By showing someone your wedding ring or talking about it you are apparently letting that someone into the inner sanctum of the wedding and I am learning that that is a big deal to quite a few people.

Am I missing something here? Anyway I am excited to be able to spread the joy. Speaking of spreading the joy: please take a look at Margreeth Muller’s website. She designed and made the rings.

And this is what I wrote earlier about the rings.


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