Anchor links

In the office I’m the one you come to with your IT problem before you ask IT. Those little things you should know. The things you knew knew once and then forgot. The simple things you are too lazy to look up. Most of the time I have at least some idea of how to help you. Almost always I will click away and find the solution somewhere and I am too nice to tell you to figure it out by your self. I also like being able to help.

This is how I taught my self how to apply an anchor link to a Microsoft Sharepoint website. I needed to do it for one of the sub pages I edit. I had known how to do it, but could not remember and because no one else knew what to do I had to look it up. I did so and of course it was terribly easy. You give the text you want to link to a name and then where you want to link it from you use the same name but put a # in front of it where it prompts you for a url. It takes approximately 3 minutes to find out and seconds to implement.


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