Trust in the sharing economy

The last time I wrote about collaborative consumption I had read a dissertation on the subject and one of the main points in that was trust. Who do you trust with your things? and why do you trust them? I found it hard to distill the answer to those questions from that research.

Yesterday I came across the French initiative Ouishare and on it I saw a presentation given by its founders on the issue of trust for collaborative consumption. They made a lot more sense even with their silly accents.

They say that someone will interact in a peer-to-peer network if the information they receive is all six of the following things:

Declared: People who participate must state who they are, preferably with a photo.

Rated: Users can recommend other users on a profile.

Engaged. users have to make sure that the other user is serious about the transaction. Usually this is done by a payment in advance.

Activity based. As a user you need to be active. No lurking around otherwise people will not trust you.

Moderated. Someone needs to check if the information you give is correct.

Social. Therefor the network must be social. I mean If you are part of other social networks it’s easier to know if you are dealing with a real person with real Facebook friends for example.

Yes I get it. By looking at this way the whole idea of sharing things that are close to you as an individual sounds a lot less like hippie clap-trap. it sounds like serious people who thought hippies were on to something.

Here is the presentation. You will understand what I mean. And also after watching it you will see that I didn’t think this up by my self but borrowed it.

Another related post on the subject is the one I wrote about Snappcar and if you like this kind of thing make sure you click on the tag under the post.


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