Stamp effect with Pixelmator

My friend Katie had a brilliant idea. To start a lecture series for students who have just finished their degree or are about to finish, and other young professionals who would like to keep learning but not necessarily in an academic contest. She or we have just begun to organize this. We have a speaker and a date but no location yet, and only the concept of a flyer. This is how I contributed. And that was the “secret” I did not want to tell you about. Now that I’ve done the following It can’t be a secret anymore.
postzegelLogoI received the image from Katie. We should check if we can use it before we do. I added the postmark which has the words Young Professionals Lecture Series in it. It was fairly easy to achieve. I made simple shapes (2 circles, 2 lines and 3 wavy lines. and then with a soft brush added some white, which makes it look faded and stamped.

I know the image is small and as it is probably not printable. I think this is because it’s a JPG image with a small number of pixels, but I’m not sure I would rather do it as a vector image, which is made by an algorithm instead of static pixels and therefore scalable.

I don’t have a program on my computer to do that with though. We’ll see how this works out shall we? I’ll be at home waiting for the cease and desist letters.

Much more to learn.


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