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A colleague of mine had come across my little project and pointed out to me that I had made a mistake. Great, I was doing it all wrong. But the good thing about Dutch people is that when they are direct to you that means they like you, most of the time. It’s when they start speaking in a convoluted way that you need to watch out.

Here is my mistake. Nowhere on the blog, except for in the URL is was clear who is doing the writing. He told me: “Normally if you write a letter or an email you include your name somewhere so why not on your website? You need to have a profile, a picture, something to tell me who’s words I’m reading.”

I had not thought of that and of course my colleague is right. So I’ve added a little bio at the top of the page which will probably change a lot in the coming weeks and months until I find something I’m comfortable with.



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