reality check

I’ll tell you what. When the civil servant comes to visit who is going to perform the wedding ceremony, things get pretty real. Up until yesterday night I had been asked quite a lot of times if I was getting nervous and all I could answer was no. The wedding was a day in the future that would come eventually. When the vow-woman left it had arrived, eleven days early. I had had too much coffee and could not sleep, but the coffee may not have had much to do with it. All I could think about was that I was not ready yet and there were quite few things that still needed sorting out. Of course we’ll manage and it’s going to be great. I can’t wait. Yesterday’s ‘shock’ has subsided and been replaced with excitement.

I  did also find some things out which I didn’t know yet. Like the fact that my sister doesn’t have here maiden name in her passport. (I couldn’t explain why this was to our guest, nor if it was customary in England.) I also found out that wearing a robe or toga is not required for the civil servant in Bunnik at weddings and even though it is available it is so ugly that no one wants to wear it.

Trivial things in the circumstances, but previously unknown to me.



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