Yesterday I took some time time to watch sunday’s episode of Zomergasten (literally translated as summer guests) a series of three hour interviews with seemingly random guests, but always interesting. The guests get to pick media clips and then the interviewer asks questions about what we’ve all just seen and why the guest picked these clips.

Sunday’s episode was with Beatrice de Graaf. A history professor who specializes in terrorism. She used to teach in Utrecht when I was a student there, but I never attended any of her classes. Sunday’s show is a very interesting interview with much to learn about terrorism and terrorists. From Germans in the second world war to Jihadi Muslims and everything in between. It’s good be able to shape your views on a subject you may have a preconceived opinion of.

Watch it here. It’s in Dutch so you might have to learn a language to do so.

Three hours is a long time, but by being so long the interviewee has the time for detail and nuance. and you get to know someone’s point of view if you spend hours watching them.

Can’t wait for next week.


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