Dom square pitch report

There is no way of knowing this for sure, but I think I may be the first and only one to have bowled on the Dom square in Utrecht. Because of this I am in the position to tell you about the pitch conditions there. Maybe someone will read this and learn from my experience.

Coming in from the tower end, bowling towards the cloisters using a yellow rubber ball there was hardly any swing. The strip was a little bit two paced, but I was able to find good carry at times. There was plenty of movement off the seem and batting was hard. Unless batsmen were able to work hard and get themselves in, they would continue to struggle.

I was most successful by keeping it full and straight, drawing the batsmen into playing strokes. The unruly nature of the ‘pitch’ would do the rest. My brother Thomas played well and held the opposition’s innings together, I started by peppering him with some short pitched stuff and that did unsettle him a bit. After a few lusty blows, he swung hard at a leg side delivery but failed to connect properly. Stef took a superb catch in the deep and the innings was over.

I had completed my ‘cricket challenge’

The challenge was part of my stag do which was great fun. A big thank you to everyone there to help make it possible.

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