Ensaimadas and a tiny language lesson

My brother was here for the weekend. He has spent and continues to spend so much time with spaniards either in Spain or outside of Spain that he has almost become spanish himself.

Culture is expressed with food and so I got a taste of Majorca when he turned up with an ensaimada, a majorcan breakfast foodstuff which is not dissimilar to a brioche or a sweet croissant in texture, but a lot bigger than both. Apparently majorcans have a bit of ensaimada with a coffee and that’s all they’ll have until lunch, which is probably a large seven course meal at the end of the morning stretching well into the afternoon.

The ensaimada was perfect for the hangover I was nursing after the night before.

Discussing majorcan culture my brother told me about a famous majorcan singer Tomeu Penya who sings a translation of Islands in the stream which everyone in Majorca believes to be the original version of that song.

His name sounds Spanish enough, but is spelled without an ñ. The name Penya is catalan and In catalan there are no ñ’s. Catalonia in catalan for example is Catalunya. See how that works? Nice to know and a fun way to learn.


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