First dance

Deciding on the music for the first dance is proving to be more difficult than I expected.

What makes it tricky is that the music we both like is not exactly suitable. Somehow all our favorite songs are fairly explicit, mostly as jokes or slang, but still, not appropriate for such an occasion.
Up-tempo songs require us to actually dance and I must admit I’m slightly apprehensive of that. With everybody just standing around looking at us. I would much rather just do a slow dance and be happy to spot everyone waiting to have a go on the dance floor themselves. But the slow songs we like are all about all sorts of woe. But in the end we were able to find something we both like, that is representative enough and a good way to get a good party started.

It was a little bit strange that we couldn’t pull something out of the hat, because normally we don’t even have to make decisions, we just do what ever we feel like in the knowledge that the other one will be happy with whatever that happens to be. And that is how I expect the rest of tomorrow to go.


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