The wedding.

It’s taken me till now to be able to write anything about the wedding. Many things I experienced were huge cliches. So I would think about it some more. And now I’ve reached the point that I’ve accepted that it’s impossible to write about my experience without falling into cliches.

So here we go.

The keys to a good wedding celebration are the people you invite if they are comfortable and well supplied with food and drink and music later on the rest will take care of itself.

Everyone mingled well because the space was at up for that to happen. People will flock to bits of cheese  and a glass of wine. And whoever makes it to that trestle table at the same time will do for a conversation partner and they will enjoy eachother’s company.

Absolutely everyone will dance like a monkey if enough people join in and the music is good. To se your aunts and uncles wave and jiggle to nineties Euro pop at a quarter to one in the morning and visibly enjoy themselves is something very special.

If it’s your wedding you get to do whatever you want but you can’t do everything or talk to everyone in equal measure so I didn’t try and I’m glad I didn’t because I would have needed more than a week. I thought I would be more isolated or that everyone would want my attention all the time but I felt I could float in and out of chats all day without any trouble and that was a very relaxing feeling.

I had a more then a great day and I can only hope everyone else did too. But let’s not do it again shall we?


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