Having to reset

Due to very sad news we received on the second day of our honeymoon we decided to go back home. On 2 September we were on a flight out of Colombo. We had had 5 days in Sri Lanka. Returning was the only option that made sense and I’m glad to be back. Someone very dear to Anne is going through a very hard time and we want to be close by in support. This is a very personal affair for everyone involved, the kind of thing which can impact a person’s outlook on life.

There are a million thoughts floating through my mind all at once every time I get the time to think about what has happened, which means often. So if all of this seems muddled and unclear that is why.

A few months ago when I started writing down what I’d learned every day I thought giving it a night’s sleep would be enough to give it some thought and process the knowledge. I hadn’t counted on learning complex life lessons which you can not comprehend and process just by taking a nap.

These are the most important lessons which take their own time, lessons you can not seek out and which you have to learn all by your self. Everybody deals with these lessons in their own way and they have no right or wrong answer.

My original plan was to keep posting entries whilst we were away, I was bound to learn a lot in Sri Lanka and use whatever wifi I could find to get my posts online. It should be clear now that I did not feel like blogging for a while, so that explains the lack of output since the wedding. Everything I’d written before seemed trivial and all these questions kept popping up. What if I want to be able to write about more serious things? How personal is too personal? Is what I had done interesting or silly? does it matter to anyone but me? Should it matter to anyone but me?

I will slowly get back to writing again starting today. I will however need to reset and have a good think about what it is I want to achieve with this website.


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