Are you doing what you can?

For three hours I was sat up in bed from 5.30 in the morning absolutely riveted to Wilfried de Jong interviewing Daan van Roosegaarde. for Zomergasten. I couldn’t sleep from jet lag and decided to watch it online. Roosegarde is a designer, artist, entrepreneur and whatever else. He sat there explaining with enthusiasm and intent and urgency that we as a generation need to be building the ideal future for the next generation. All of his projects are simple and beautiful. He looks at nature a lot for inspiration and uses all sorts of technology in surprising and useful ways.

According to Roosegaarde there should be no reason why we can not grow a sustainable way of life for the entire world and for years to come. There is in his eyes a definite difference between the old world and a new world.

Prerequisites for building this new world are that we share our knowledge, start locally and think in networks. Everyone has a job to do towards the bigger picture, but because we work and think in networks it can be done everywhere at the same time and everyone can do what they think is the best way to go about it.

This documentary: Ameisen, die heimliche Weltmacht illustrates perfectly how ants can teach us about thinking in networks

The interview is full of left wing hippy clap-trap, but there is a business plan behind it. The idea is that you can do whatever you can and make money doing it, but the overriding drive for what you do should be contribution. Are you doing what you can to make the world a better place?

  Here is designer Philipp Starck explaining our duty to make ourselves useful.

This is an earlier post I wrote about Zomergasten


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